Home care guide –correct body posture and movement




Use all kinds of mattresses, large pillows, quilts etc. to place under beneath body to lift upper body higher and give foot area with appropriate support.



Pay attention to support head, back, waist and foot when place case at half-sit-lie posture.



Case of side lying (left-flank-lie or right-flank-lie), use pillow to improve comfort and spread case’s weight, and maintain right posture, give sufficient support to head and abdomen and pay attention to support ankle area.



Case of sit-lying posture, use special support on head, shoulder, upper arm, leg, and ankle.



Case of side-lying posture, put a big pillow in front of chest and use big pillow or big mattress, or blanket to support case’s back side; put a pillow clamped between legs.



Case of prone posture, arm location and shoulder support is very important, may have one hand unfold and flexture for the other hand, or have two hands both at flexure position, put a small pillow to support shoulder and use hand to hold scroll bar. For

woman, needs to consider case’s weight dispersion and appropriate body location, spread support over the shoulder, abdomen, thigh and calf, support carrier board on foot palm to maintain normal function of the ankle joint position.

    Q & A 

  1. 採半坐臥時,在頭、肩、上臂、腿和腳踝的地方都特別加以支托?
    When patients are in semi-sitting positions, should special support be put on to the head, shoulder, upper arms, legs and ankles?
  2. 側臥時,需利用枕頭增進病人的舒適
    When patients are in side-lying positions, can you use a pillow help them feel more comfortable ?
  3. 俯臥時,不需任何的支托
    When patients are in prone positions, they do not need any support?

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