Urine catheter of home care


  1. 目的:
    To strengthen genitals cleaning and catheter disinfection in order to reduce odor, increase comfort and prevent infection.
  2. 每日執行1~2 次尿管護理(以清水確實清洗會陰部或尿道口)。
    Perform care of urine catheter 1-2 times per day (clean perineum or urethra mouth with clean water).
  3. 觀察尿液之量、顏色、氣味及沉澱物。
    Observe amount, color, odor and sediment of the urine.
  4. 每日至少柔捏尿管一次,避免折到或壓到,以保持暢通。
    Gently pinch catheter at least one time a day, avoid bending or compressing on catheter and maintain at unobstructed condition.
  5. 解便後應立即予會陰沖洗。
    Wash the perineum right after urination.
  6. 尿袋高度要低於膀胱位置(但不可置放於地面上),每日至少要倒尿三次,並紀錄尿量。
    Place urine bag lower than bladder position (but do not place it on the ground), replace urine bag at least three times per day, and record urine quantity.
  7. 尿袋開口須隨時關閉,勿受污染。
    Close urine bag at any time to avoid contamination.
  8. 每日更換膠布及固定位置,以減少皮膚刺激。
    Change tape and its fixed position daily to reduce skin irritation.
  9. 無特殊水分限制者,應每日給水2500c.c.3000c.c.,每日尿量至少需維持1500c.c.
    For case without drinking limitation, maintain daily water supply at 2500cc-3000cc, daily urine output at least 1,500cc.
  10. 更換尿管膠布的固定位置,以井字固定法,男性固定於小腹,女性固定在大腿內側。
    Change the fixing location of the catheter adhesive tapes; the catheter should be fixed using the fixation method of two horizontal taping lines and two vertical taping lines with the catheter in the middle (like a tic-tac-toe grid); the catheter should be fixed in the lower abdomen for males and inner thigh for females.
  11. 可予蔓越莓汁或果汁,以降低泌尿道感染機會。
    Provide case with cranberry juice or fruit juice to reduce infection of urinary tract.
  12. 如有發燒,尿量少於500c.c./日、血尿、滲尿、或尿管脫出、分泌物或小便有臭味、沈澱物增加等情形,請盡快與醫護人員聯絡。
    Inform the medial staff should the following situation occurred: fever, urine output of less than 500 cc / day, hematuria, seepage of urine, or catheter emerged, secretions or fetid odor of urine, increasing sediment, and so.

   Fixing location of the catheter


    Q & A 

  1. 每日執行12次尿管護理
    Should you perform care of urine catheter once to twice a day?
  2. 尿袋可置放於地面上
    Can you put urine bags on the floor?
  3. 尿袋開口應隨時保持關閉,避免受汙染
    In order to prevention pollution, urine bags should be closed at all times?

  1. Medical service consultation hotline : (Daytime) 04-22586688 EXT. 6367 (Night) 0975-901694

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