Nasogastric tube care


  目的 Purpose

  1. 固定鼻胃管,可預防滑脫及避免鼻腔發生潰瘍。
    To fix a nasogastric tube to prevent the tube from slippage and to avoid nasal ulceration.
  • 每日應至少做一次口腔及鼻腔護理。
    Perform oral and nasal care at least one time per day.

  檢查鼻胃管刻度 Check scales of the nasogastric tube

Use one of the following methods to determine whether the gastric tube is still in the stomach:

  1. 檢查鼻胃管的記號
    The caregiver should check the mark of the nasogastric tube.
  2. 以空針反抽,確定胃管仍在胃內
    The caregiver can use an empty syringe to draw back contents of the stomach into the syringe to make sure that the gastric tube is still in the stomach.

  • 每日注意鼻胃管刻度,若有脫出超過10 公分以上,應通知居家護理師處理。
    Pay attention to the reading scale of nasogastric tube, notify home nursing supervisor should tube emerging over 10 cm above.
  • 每日更換膠帶時,須將鼻部皮膚拭淨再貼,並注意勿貼於同一皮膚部位。
    Clean the nose skin area firstly when performing daily tape replacement, and not to affix the tape to the same skin location of previous taping area.
  • 更換膠帶前,將鼻胃管固定同一方向旋轉90°(1/4 圈)。
    Rotate the nasogastric tube 90 °(1 / 4 laps) following the fix orientation prior to replacing the tape.
  • 鼻胃管外露部位須妥當保護,以免牽扯滑脫。
    Protect the exposed area of nasogastric tube, not to drag and casuseslip-away.
  • 意識不清或躁動不合作之個案,應預防鼻胃管被拉出,必要時可使用約束手套將個案雙手做適當的約束保護。
    Cases of restless sense of confusing or non-cooperation, prevent nasogastric tube to be pulled out by the case, and may restrict case’s hands with bound gloves, if necessarily.
  • 使用矽膠材質每個月更換,普通材質每兩週更換,更換管路當日,請確認居家護理師訪視時間,以避免灌食後更換鼻胃管,易造成嘔吐。
    If the nasogastric tube is made of silicone materials, it should be replaced every month. However, nasogastric tube of ordinary materials should be replaced every two weeks. On the day of replacing the tube, the caregiver should confirm the visiting time of the home care nurse to avoid replacing the tube after tub feeding, which may easily lead to vomiting.

   Tape fixation method for the nasogastric tube:  

  1. 膠帶約2/3剪開成Y型。
    Cut 2/3 of the tape into Y-shape.
  2. 末端回折(更換時方便)。
    Fold back the end of the tape (for easy tape replacement).
  3. 前端黏貼於鼻樑,一條固定鼻胃管,另一條以環狀固定鼻胃管。
    The front end of the tape is adhered to the nasal bridge. One tape is used to fix the nasogastric tube, and the other tape is used to fix the nasogastric tube in circular shape.

    Q & A

  1. 每日至少應做一次口腔及鼻腔護理?
    Should oral and nasal care be performed at least once a day?
  2. 每日更換膠帶可貼在同一皮膚部位?
    Can you put tapes on the same spot when you replace them?
  3. 每日注意鼻胃管刻度?
    Should you pay attention to the scale of nasogastric tubes every day?  

  1. Medical service consultation hotline : (Daytime) 04-22586688 EXT. 6367 (Night) 0975-901694

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